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Poor and marginalized people can gain control over their own lives by exercising their right to political participation, freedom of expression and information, freedom of assembly and access to justice. That is the foundation of all that Oxfam believes and does.

There are many recent examples of people asserting their rights in many forms, often through youth-led or women’s movements, to lead positive societal change in the face of economic volatility, social inequality and corruption, especially where corporate and political institutions are weak. Yet these rights are at risk in many parts of the world, making women, youth, and their organizations especially vulnerable.

Thisl will be pursued in many different contexts in countries around the world, but we will particularly focus on supporting women and youth because deep-rooted inequalities of societal power are often gender- and generation- based.

We aim to connect with, and support, young people as social change leaders in the effort to overcome poverty and injustice.

It is also our goal to involve our publics and supporters, encouraging them to recognize the consequences of their personal economic, political and social choices – as consumers (for example, by purchasing Fair Trade products), through actions of solidarity with poor and marginalized people, and through engagement with governments and businesses.

We will focus also on urban poverty, building the ability of marginalized urban poor to organize and claim their rights, and to demand strong governance and recognition of their entitlement to critical infrastructure and services. The people most at risk should have most to say about planning for the future and adapting to an environment where urban disaster is becoming more inevitable.


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